Magnetic Field : 10th Science Physics Chapter XIII

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10th Science

Chapter XIII  : Magnetic Effects of Current

Magnetic FieldCBSE 10th Tuition Classes

The space surrounding a magnet in which magnetic force is exerted, is called a magnetic field. The magnetic field has both, magnitude as well as direction. The direction of magnetic field at a point is the direction of the resultant force acting on a hypothetical north pole placed at that point.

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When a small north magnetic pole is placed in the magnetic field created by a magnet, it will experience a force. If the north pole is free, it will move under the influence of magnetic field. The path traced by a north magnetic pole free to move under the influence of a magnetic field is called a magnetic field line. In other words, the magnetic field lines are the lines drawn in a magnetic field along which a north magnetic pole would move.

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Properties of the Magnetic Field Lines :

  1. The magnetic field lines originate from the north pole of a magnet and end at its south pole.
  2. The magnetic field lines come closer to one another near the poles of a magnet but they are widely separated at other places. A north magnetic pole experiences a stronger force when it approaches one of the poles of the magnet. This means that the magnetic field is stronger near the poles.  From this we conclude that where magnetic field lines are closer together, it indicates a stronger magnetic field.
  1. The magnetic field lines do not intersect (or cross) one another.


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