Engineering Math Teacher In Noida


Engineering Math Teacher In Noida

Hire The Top Engineering Math Teacher In Noida. Engineering Mathematics Is Taught In The All Stream Of Engineering.  Engineering Mathematics Is Common Subjects Of B.Tech Stream. Hence, Join The Best Math Tuition In Noida Of B.Tech.

Best Teaheacer Is Available To Help Students Looking For A Math  Tutor In Noida. The Main Objective Of Coaching Tuition Class In Noida Is To Provide Top Teacher For All The Courses And All The Subjects. Hence, Results Oriented Tutor Is Available To Help Students Of Engineering.

The objective of this course is to teach the students about the difference equation, probability, curve fitting etc. and other numerical methods to solve various engineering problems.

Partial Differential Equation Tuition In Noida

Partial Differential Equation: linear partial differential equations with constant coefficient, homogeneous and non homogeneous linear equations. Method of separation of variables. Laplace equation, wave equation and heat flow equation in Cartesian coordinates only with initial and boundary value

Probability Theory Tuition In Noida

Probability Theory: Definition, addition law of probability, multiplication law of probability, conditional probability, Baye‘s theorem, Random variable: discrete probability distribution, continuous probability distribution, expectation, moments, moment generating function, skewness, kurtosis, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, normal distribution.

Engineering Math – M1, M2, M3, M4 Tuition In Noida

Curve Fitting: Principle of least square Method of least square and curve fitting for linear and parabolic curve, Correlation Coefficient, Rank correlation, line of regressions and properties of regression coefficients. Sampling distribution: Testing of hypothesis, level of significance, sampling distribution of mean and variance, Chi-square distribution, Student‘s T- distribution, F- distribution, Fisher‘s Z- distribution.

Linear Programming Tuition In Noida

Linear Programming: Introduction, formulation of problem, Graphical method, Canonical and Standard form of LPP, Simplex method, Duality concept, Dual simplex method, Transportation and Assignment problem

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